Jet Maintenance

Area 51 Aviation Ltd is one of only a few organisations in the UK that have both the BCAR A8-20 E4 and M5 approvals that are required to maintain ex-military jets.

E4 Approval
This approval gives the organisation the authority to make an application to the CAA for an aircraft's initial permit-to-fly. For a new type this can be a very long process as it involves researching the aircraft's safety record, fatigue records, overhaul processes etc.

The result of the process is a design report to the CAA that describes the findings. This may take up to 2 years for a type that has never been on the British register previously.

M5 Approval
The M5 part of the approval allows the outfit to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on an aircraft and it can make an application for a permit renewal. It can't however undertake the design and analysis work needed for an initial permit issue.

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