Our Base at North Weald

Our base is at North Weald Airfield in Essex a stones throw from the M25 motorway the area is of considerable historic interest and is one of the last remaining Battle of Britain airfields still to be in use today. North Weald airfield was opened in 1916 as a Royal Flying Corps airfield but its most famous period came during the Battle of Britain when it was home to the famed 56 and 151 Fighter Squadrons.

The airfield has a 1920m (6300 ft) main runway and a short cross runway for light aircraft. The airfield is open from 0900 till 1900 or sunset 7 days a week and there are no landing fees for home based aircraft. At our base here at North Weald we are the only A8-20 approved maintenance company for ex-military jets providing servicing, corporate parking, help and advice. The engineers are ex-military and have years of experience of working with military jets.

North Weald is a great location for the required training in piloting these aircraft. Onsite you will find experienced ground staff and an efficient re-fueling service. All aircraft based at North Weald also benefit from the luxury of no movement fees.

Our partners:

Also on site is 'The Squadron' with a NAFFI restaurant and bar in which can be seen lots of photographs of the pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain. On the other side of the airfield is the Battle of Britain Memorial and the Airfield Museum which charts the history of the airfield and the Battle of Britain. North Weald is home to active World War 2 aircraft including P51 Mustangs, Grumman Avenger, Kittyhawk and a Skyrader, as well as having a home based Spitfire and Seafire. You will also see regular visits from other Vintage Aircraft during the summer 'flyins'.

Area 51 also bring with them Kennet Aviation and their renowned collection of Vintage Aircraft including: Seafire, DeHavilland Venom, Hawker Hunter F6 single seater, Piston provost and Fairy Gannet to name but a few. As well as the British Vintage Jets there are also several eastern bloc types operating on the airfield, the Aero L29, Aero L39 Albatross and a Soko GA-2 Galeb.

The village today
The Parish of North Weald Bassett consists of the three "villages" of North Weald, Thornwood and Hastingwood, and is in the Epping Forest District of the County of Essex.

North Weald dates back to Saxon times and was once a rural farming community, today it is primarily suburban in character although their are still a number of active farms. The majority of working people commute daily into the City.

The community of more than 5,200 people are grouped around the still very active North Weald Airfield.

The Parish Sign depicts a Hurricane Fighter flying over North Weald, representing the communities close links with the airfield - which is also reflected in many local street names.

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