Advantages of Where Eagles Share:

  • Low capital investment (making jet flying accessible to many more than was possible in the past)
  • Choice of monthly fees (allowing flexibility for members)
  • Low monthly fees whichever option is chosen (in comparison with any other syndicates)
  • Exclusive access to lower fuel costs than other syndicates on the field and in the country
  • Exclusive use of 'Eagles' luxurious briefing room, lounge and kitchen facilities
  • Professional, safe and fun training included (learn at your own pace with experienced instructors)
  • No surprises on maintenance charges (costs guaranteed apart from in very exceptional circumstances)
  • No additional charges for parts – except in exceptional circumstances
  • Probability of additional aircraft being made available to the group

Telephone: +44 (1992) 522594    Fax: +44 (1992) 522595