What Is Included

1.    A share in and use of two (initially) and in time multiple types of jet aircraft 

The initial syndicate consists of two aircraft

A Mk3 Jet Provost, the initial jet trainer for the RAF for most of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This aircraft is ideally suited to conversion onto type. Initial training is all about developing the skills and competencies required for the lowest cost. The Mk3 Jet Provost burns around 20% less fuel than the Mk4 or Mk5 aircraft and so is perfect for the task. In addition, the aircraft is a delight to fly and capable of all the manoeuvres of the more advanced aircraft.
A Mk5 Jet Provost, a later and more advanced aircraft. A larger engine, pressurisation, air-conditioning and a normal cruise speed of 210 kts make the Mk5 a superb step up from initial training. Whilst very similar in operation, this aircraft provides advancement for members as an alternative to the Mk3 depending on sortie profile. Although burning more fuel than the Mk3, once training is complete, existing members find that the option of the Mk5 provides an excellent mix.

2.    All labour charges for maintenance on the aircraft

Your monthly and / or hourly payment will is guaranteed to cover the labour and parts as described below for all routine and rectification maintenance required on the aircraft owned by the group. Annuals and required hourly checks are all included. The benefit of a syndicate run by the maintenance company is clear. Gone are the days of waiting to hear the cost of an annual inspection to see whether an additional contribution is required. In addition, we will try and complete maintenance during bad weather and quiet times, this will minimise times when the aircraft are unavailable and ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.
3.    All parts valued at less than £500:

In order to ensure as much predictability as possible over your costs, we will include in the maintenance package all parts that are valued at less than £500. Your monthly and / or hourly cost will normally cover all consumables as well as all of the parts required for normal annual maintenance. The purpose of this is to ensure that the members only have to contribute additional monies if a major part is required, an engine for example.
4.    Exclusive price on fuel:

The majority of the cost of operating jet aircraft is the price of fuel. In order to differentiate our syndicate from all others on the field, we will offer an exclusive price on fuel for our members only. We will look to buy fuel on your behalf and sell it to you for as close to net cost price as we are able. The actual price will clearly depend on market prices, but we feel confident that we can ensure that the cost to you, if part of the group, will be around 20% less expensive than “normal” retail rates.

5.    Insurance

Included in your monthly payment is insurance for the aircraft. This ensures that in the event of a loss the aircraft will be replaced or repaired if necessary.

The aircraft are insured to comply with EU Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004.


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