What Needs To Be Paid In Addition ?
1.    Oxygen as required:
Most flights or sorties that you will fly will not require oxygen. Although both of the aircraft can and will be operated above 12,000 ft, much of your flying can be done at much lower altitude. The airspace requirements around North Weald mean that initial training and basic aerobatics will all be conducted at altitudes that can safely be achieved without the use of oxygen.
In the event that you do wish to experience flight at higher altitudes, a request at the time of booking will ensure that the aircraft is supplied with oxygen for your flight. Our engineering staff will fill the tanks, all that you will pay for is the oxygen itself.
2.    Parts valued at more than £500:

In the unlikely event that a part is required that is valued at more than £500, the charge for that part will be split amongst the group. This should only occur in the event of a major failure e.g. engine, starter panel etc and even in this event, the charge will be spread between all members of the syndicate rather than the nominal participants in any individual aircraft. Even if an incident requires a new engine be fitted to our Mk 3, the cost per member would almost certainly be less than £200 per member!

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